Louisiana Division Staff 2022-2024

Division Commander   -   Brian "Vex" McClure

First Lieutenant Commander   -   Bobbie Herring

Second Lieutenant Commander   -   Sylvester Martinez

Chief of Staff   -   Thomas Taylor

Adjutant   -   Steven Coyle

Judge Advocate   -   Dave Knadler

Chief of Operations   -   Kevin Adkins

Chief of Protocol   -   Paul Gramling

Aide de Camp   -   Ron Butler

Quartermaster   -   Dale Bennett

Public Affairs Officer   -   Darryl Ross

Division Historian   -   David Hill

Parliamentarian   -   Chuck McMichael

Sgt at Arms/Color Sgt   -   James Cryer

Division Chaplain   -   Donnie Kimball

Northeast Brigade Commander   -   Ron "Buckskin Billy" Butler

Northwest Brigade Commander   -   James Cryer

Southeast Brigade Commander   -   Billy Watts

Southwest Brigade Commander   -   Darryl Ross

Tiger Courier List Operator    -   Richard Gandy

Liaison Officers   -   TBA

Past Division Commanders
(2020-2022) George D. Gremillion
(2018-2020) Randall L. Jarreau
(2016-2018) J. C. Hanna
(2014-2016)Thomas E. Taylor
(2012-2014) Ted Brode
(2010-2012) David Hill
(2008-2010) Charles Lauret
(2006-2008)Milton Todd Owens
(2004-2006) Charles E McMichael
(2000-2002) Charles L. Rand, III
(1998-2000) Paul Gramling, Jr.
(1992-1994) Donald Kennedy
(1990-1992) James R. Kennedy

(2020-2022) Larry McCluney Jr
(2018-2020) Paul Gramling, Jr.
(2016-2018) Tom Strain
(2014-2016) Charles Kelly Barrow
(2008-2010) Charles E. McMichael
(2000-2002) Edwin L Deason
(1970-1972) Bernard E. Eble (decd)
Sons of Confederate Veterans / Louisiana Division

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