Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish."

Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,
United Confederate Veterans,
New Orleans, Louisiana, April 25, 1906.
Welcome to the Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans website.
I thank the men of the Louisiana Division for allowing me the privilege of serving as Commander of the Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In 1906, in the city of New Orleans, The Confederate Veterans gave to their sons a charge, a duty to perform, and we, their descendants are still about the business of meeting the old veterans' obligations. Join us, the men of the Louisiana Division, and help us perpetuate the principles that the Confederate soldier cherished. It is our duty, and it can be your duty too, to see that the memory of the Confederate soldier is defended and that he is given the respect and honor due him. He fought for timeless principles, independence, constitutional government, federalism and the right of every family to be secure from the tyrant's designs. Louisiana has a rich  Confederate Heritage in the men that answered the call in 1861. That heritage is maintained today by the Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Since the founding of the S.C.V. in 1896, the sons have rallied around the flag of their fathers to ensure that the true history of the South and her cause is presented to future generations. Perhaps you can add your name and strength to that growing list of SCV compatriots.

Some of the items that can be found on our site are information on Louisiana Confederate soldiers, soldier burial locations, and Louisiana military unit information. It is a wealth of information that can be of great assistance in doing research of your Confederate Ancestor.

If you are just now discovering your Confederate ancestry, wish to trace your genealogy, or join our organization, please contact our
1st Lieutenant Commander Kevin Adkins. He can put you in touch with the S. C. V. Camp nearest you. You can also search for local camps under the LA Division Camps link or on our national website. Local camp members will be glad to assist you in preparing the paperwork necessary to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Each Camp in the division is autonomous which results in a variety of ways to honor the memory of our Confederate heroes. Camps engage in such activities and projects as sponsoring living history demonstrations in schools and at reenactments, marking Confederate graves, and preserving historic sites, just to name a few.

Take your time and enjoy what our site has to offer.
Please feel free to contact me directly at
Deo Vindice
Ted Brode, Commander

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   H L Hunley
The Confederate Cause/The Cause of the  South
by Commander Brode
1. Independence: 
The ideal that small nations should go free as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. 

2. Federalism and Constitutional Government:
The rule of Law. Liberty is preserved when limited governments honestly follow written constitutions for the benefit of all citizens equally.

3. Government by the consent of the Governed:
A Just government originates with those governed and is not imposed or maintained by force of arms.

4.  Opposition to state sponsored terrorism:
Every war crime committed by Hitler in Europe was committed here in the south by Lincoln - including biological warfare, "ethnic cleansing", and genocide.  Total War - the modern concept of terrorizing unarmed civilians and the wonton destruction of private property originated with the leadership of the North (not Al Quida).  True Southerners have always opposed such calculated brutality.